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Gulf Builder provide well-organized and comprehensive security solutions for the clients, who concern about their threat protection and people safety, needed to be integrated with various security solutions, including IT Infrastructure, access control, CCTV systems, Firefighting system and other solutions.


Gulf Builder providing protection, safety and security solutions to all security pre-qualified dealers, security firms and organizations. Our assessment process gained the reputation in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia by offering high quality security products and safety services.

Fire Alarm Systems
Fire Fighting System
Burglar Alarm System
Sound System


CCTV Solution

installation of closed circuit television (CCTV) cameras, digital and analog storage solutions, work-based remote video surveillance and multiplexer to cater for not only high end, but also medium and low-end requirements. 

installation is of key importance in satisfactory function of security system. our experienced technical support team ensuring the right implementation of paper design on the site for a long and trouble free operation. 


Access Control

We are serving highly secure biometric & Cards based access control system to protect access to secure areas or restricted zones in a building. Our security turnkey solutions control secure access of persons, cars, trucks and heavy machinery to building sites, offices, warehouses, parking lots and other facilities. 


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