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Chief Executive Officer  

Eng. Abdel Hamid Khalifa

We pleasantly welcoming all of our valued clients, Consultant and customers.   


GULF BUILDER FOR TRADING AND CONTRACTING CO. LTD. is a Saudi based company operating from Al-Khobar; kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Gulf builder  has prided itself on an impressive record of successfully completed projects in General contracting & trading sector, had a remarkable past; but more importantly we have a promising future that is our foundation for success.


Gulf builder has enjoyed the reputation of meeting its schedules and doing so within budget and to the highest client satisfaction. Quality is practiced at all company levels in each and every task, and there is strong management determination to provide clients with services that exceed their expectations. Because of this emphasis on quality and excellence.


 We have developed the corporate culture, management techniques, safety and concern for the environment, thus making us ready for the challenges that businesses face in today’s market. Moving forward, it is Gulf Builder’s goal to strengthen and improve our workflow processes and services where possible, and add additional services as needed by our clientele.


Of primary importance to Gulf Builder’s , is serving our customers to the best of our ability. We strive to be a valuable team member, working diligently to create an efficient construction process. It is our intention on every project to deliver a quality facility at a fair price and within the desired time frame, so every client becomes a repeat customer.


We are proud to be your construction Division

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