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Gulf builder firm has specialized division in the execution of full range of electro-mechanical works through all the phases in accordance and full coordination with modern standards efficiently dealt with ensuring rapid turnaround with the minimum cost in line with Client specifications and regulations.


We well equipped to undertake virtually electro-mechanical work starting with the design reaching to supply & installation, Test & commissioning includes wide-ranging hand over of residential, public and private commercial buildings, as well as heavy electrical and mechanical works in industrial complexes and factories. 


The works covered and not limited under the electro-mechanical divisions as follows;

Electrical Construction Services

Power System


  • Electric power distribution for Low voltage 240/415KV system Design & Installation

  • Supply & Installation of 11KV/415V/380V/220V transformers Substation

  • Electrical installation in Hazardous areas.

  • MV & LV Control System.

  • Switch gears.

  • Supply & Installation of medium & Low voltage cable ( Splicing & Termination).

  • Installation of Power Stations.

  • Electrical installation for Commercial & Residential Buildings.

  • Supply & Installation of Generator & UPS System.

  • Street Lighting Poles.

  • Signal Lighting. 

  • Supply & Installation of all panel boards ( Interior ,Outdoor & MCC Panels).

  • Highway Lighting Fixtures.

  • Earthing & Lighting Protection System.

  • Utility Generating and Distributing Systems

  • Underground / Overhead Utilities for Distribution System

  • Solar cell Lighting System. 


Low Current System

  • IT Infrastructure & Solution

  • Building Management System

  • IP System

  • Data & Telephone System

  • MATV ( Master Antenna )

  • Public Address System

  • Nurse Call System

  • Master Clock System

  • Instrumentation Systems

Mechanical Construction Services

  • Design & Engineering Mechanical System.

  • Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) Systems.

  • Installation of various types of Pumps

  • Fuel Tank Installation ( above ground & underground)

  • Plumbing and Piping

  • Water & Sewer Line Works

  • Installation of complete Fuel station- Mechanical & electrical.

  • Instrumentation and Erection of Production Line of Equipment     

  • Agricultural & Irrigation system .

  • Installation of Gas system

  • Boiler system Establishing

  • Installation of R.O Plant

  • Erection & Commissioning of all Mechanical Systems.

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